Employee communications strategy- RETAIN


I have been talking about the AIER approach to draft your employee communications strategy for the organization. This post we will cover the R OF AIER viz Retain.

Most of the organizations are good at attracting talent and some even have a great interview and the new hire induction program, but they go wrong on their employee retention model.


How do you retain your employees is the question and a problem almost all companies are grappling with. Employee retention is the new jargon, which Human Resources love to hate.

Here is what we can do to retain the best talent. Tips for communication professionals-

Understand the impact

We as communication professionals need to be clear about the impact of our employee initiatives viz they will not be sudden or tangible, but a long term investment. Please remember communications, as a function is a “good to have” function not a “Need to have”. With that perspective mind, create a campaign


Organizations do all the right things when it comes to growing and developing their people. A well-laid out career path, with development opportunities but the often miss out on one basic need to highlight and showcase these career opportunities within and the success stories of employees who have grown with the organization.

Which nurtures the negative employee perception on lack of growth opportunities within, forcing them look elsewhere for a new job. This is where it starts. So don’t let it happen.

Showcase Success and Growth storiesretention

Make your employees as company brand ambassadors of career growth. Showcase their journey, testimonials, and their current role to all employees. These images will give other employees the hope and confidence to grow internally and will push them to work harder by boosting their morale.

Leverage Internal Job Postings

Research tells us that people leave companies only when they realize that they can’t be promoted to the next level or their inability to get along with their supervisors. Which is a universal phenomenon which you have no control of but the best you can do, is leverage growth opportunities within the organization, viz Internal Job Postings (IJP)

Let employees know the options available for them to move cross functionally or laterally, and don’t forget to showcase the shortlisted candidates.

Employee Grievances Forums

Knowing that employees leave their supervisors, it is important for us to let employees know the forums available to them to raise their voice. This will work like catharsis for them, sometimes venting out is the best option

Reward performance

Rewarding high performers is one of the best ways to retain talent; a pat on the back goes a long way than any monetary reward. Don’t wait for any forums to recognize them, rather keep appreciating them for their exemplary performance.

These are basics, which most companies compromise on.

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