Convince leaders on social media


There has been a drastic change in the way we communicate with each other. Maintaining important telephone number on diaries, manual data entry on a register, calling friends on their landline, writing long emails to office colleagues, all this has no relevance in today’s day and age. But somehow all this may still ring true for our organization’s leaders and management.

Social media is today’s reality

The sooner we accept the better we stand a chance to survive in this competitive marketplace let alone thrive. But leaders and management may have a tough time acknowledging this change.

Tips for communication professionals to embrace social media

Share facts and figures

Leaders like numbers; it comforts them, giving them the illusion of being in control of things. Share recent social media numbers and how companies have embraced the change and have been benefitted. There are tones of social media revolution media videos on youtube, use them to build your case.

Take small steps- Propose social enterprise media insteadsocial media

Bringing in change that too as big as embracing social media may be challenging. Hence go slow and propose a pilot launch for employees initially to gage the effectiveness of the tool. Pilot launch is safer and has room for errors. Social media is a new dimension and you are bound to make errors, in the pilot launch you will have the luxury to make those mistakes.

Pilot also prepares you for a wider launch, helping you learn from the mistakes made in the pilot phase.

Create paranoia- it may just work for you

As change catalysts you need to develop credibility with your leaders. They should see employee communications as a function trying to propose initiatives which will help them reach out seamlessly to employees.

Once you have proved your credibility to the management, creating paranoia may just work in your favor. Statements such as “Social media is a must for our company reputation management! People are talking about our organization; weather we choose to listen or ignore is simply our call. Why not just take a plunge towards social media”.

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