Brand the company departments


Every organization has products, which they sell to their consumers; this is what we call their revenue-generating model. Company revenue is responsible for paying our monthly salaries.

Even though communication as a department may not directly contribute to company revenues but plays a pivotal role in helping employees especially sales brings in money for the organization by boosting their morale motivation levels for them to come to work every day,

Hence our products and our customers are the departments and the function. And every product should be a brand for it to resonate with consumers. So why not brand the departments.

Branding the functions

We all are brands aren’t we? Just think of someone who is very proactive on deliverables and immediately you will have a name pop up in your head. You must have heard of this phrase in your company “our marketing team is very active and creative, but the finance team takes too long to process payment”.

Just like every employee has been branded or rather perceived in the company, there is a growing need to brand the function as well. A powerful department name can not only do wonders to team motivation levels but can also put all employees working in the team work more collaboratively.

Where to start- Start with an online intranet opinion poll  

It is always advisable to sound off employees on initiatives before embarking on any. Taking their inputs would not only help you get better with the approach but will also have an impact on the success rate of that initiative.

Opinion poll doesn’t mean a surveybrand the departments

You should know the difference between a survey and an opinion poll. A survey has multiple questions whereas opinion poll only has one. Know the difference and initiate an opinion poll, asking one question with multiple options to choose from. Ask employees for their thoughts whether branding their respective department will be useful with an option of a yes, no and doesn’t matter.

Unleash employee creativity

Whatever responses you get, have your next opinion poll question ready, Let employees decide the name for their department, give them an opportunity to get creative with the name, having their creative inputs will position the organization as collaborative decision making entity.

Collate employee responses

Collate employee responses and choose the 10 most creative responses and run another poll asking them to choose a name they like the most.

Thank the employees for their response.

It is important to thank your employees in participating in the opinion poll, considering you would be running many more polls in future and would need their support and participation.

Reward the most creative entry

Reward the employee who suggested the most creative name which everyone voted for, this will help you also establish an informal recognition culture which is one of the most effective way to position ourselves as a caring organization.

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