Tap your employee creativity

employee creativityTAP EMPLOYEE CREATIVITY

A research-based statement tells us that we all are creative with our thoughts, only difference being some find a creative channel to express that creativity whereas others are not expressive enough to unleash their creative potential. If we were to apply the same perspective to our employees, there would be no dearth of creative talent.

How encouraging is your organization in welcoming new creative ideas.

We as communication professionals have a great role to play in nurturing employee ideas. If not nurture we can certainly provide them with a platform at least where they can showcase their creative potential.

Tips for communication professionals to unleash employee creativity

To get the best out of our employees we have to look beyond their professional role and ignite their passion which could be anything other than what they do at work.

Provide employees a platform to showcase their creativity

Create an application on your company intranet giving employees an option to submit their creative work.

Brand the creative platformemployee creativity

Coin a name for this platform, you can also run an opinion poll on it asking employees to brand this platform. Creating internal brands has better recall value which gets registered in our employee minds with ease.

Promote the platform

Create internal campaigns to promote this platform for employees to use. Don’t forget to reward the first entry; this will set the stage for others to follow.

Showcase creative talent

Having people contribute creative ideas is one, but not rewarding them for their talent may just completely defeat the purpose. You may have some great photographers, painters, musicians or even writers in the organization waiting to be tapped.

Organize an event to unleash their potential

Use the opportunity to leverage the three great musicians working in your company aspiring to be rockstars back in the days. Create a band and have them play in the internal event organized by your company. This way they will keep their passion alive and will also thank you for keeping their dream up and running. Prefect recipe for employee retention.

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