Manage employee creative ideas

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In my last post I talked about tapping employee creativity by providing them with a forum where they can showcase their creative ideas. Those creative ideas can be and usually around increasing employee productivity, process improvement and revenue generation. This post will focus on managing employee creativity and channelizing it towards the right business direction.

Categorize employee ideas

If you read my last post on tapping employee creativity, I discussed how communication professionals play a vital role in showcasing employee creative platforms for them to contribute.  You have done all the right things by

  • Branding the employee creative platform
  • Promoting it internally amongst all employees
  • Rewarding the initial creative ideas

Now it’s time for you to manage these ideas by categorizing them. Categories will help you separate need to have ideas from good to have ideas. These categories will typically include but not limited to

  • Improving Employee productivity and efficiency
  • Increasing company revenue generation
  • Enhancing employee experience

Managing employee ideas

Form a committee of ideas evaluators
We as communications professionals can’t decide on which ideas will have the maximum impact on the organization, hence form a committee of employees with representation from all departments. This will also add to the company transparency quotient.

Filter ideas

Since this platform will be new for employees, chances are people will be sending all kinds of whacky ideas, don’t discard them. Rather speak with the committee members and evaluate their execution if it’s not feasible, draft a template response which should be sent to employees for such entries.

Use technology

We have to use technology to our advantage draft out responses which can be more of an acknowledgement to employees for submitting their entry. It’s relatively easy via SharePoint or any other intranet platform you are using. The same technology platform will also help you pull out reports of the ideas submitted leaving no room for human error.

Reward ideas

There you have it, great ideas from employees which can be successfully implemented. Make them feel special by showcasing their ideas to everyone and how it will make the business impact in the organization.

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