Family Day for employees


There was this time when people were told by their mentors not to personalize your profession, it’s just business. Things have changed now; it is about how I can make my work an integral part of my life. No wonder we have organizations opening up options of work from home for their employees.Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of knowing their employees personally for them to contribute in every way to the organization business goal.

Family day is one such initiative, which communication professionals can recommend to their management to further strengthen their employee connect.

What is family day?

Family day is an annual event which companies celebrate usually during X-Mas break inviting families of all their employees. This fun-activity based event not only provides the management team to know their people emotional, family side but also employees to get to see their leaders with their guards off.

Tips for communication specialists

Socialize the concept with the management

We as communication professionals may know the benefit of having an event such as Family Day but the concept still needs a sign off and blessing from the management for it to take off.

Highlight the benefits

Leaders like presentations, but short two slides, ensure you don’t make a 50 slide boring benefit presentation. Here is what you should highlight

  • The Family day is an event which gets all employees together on a common platform
  • Opportunity for employees to know the management and their families
  • Opportunity for management to know their direct reports and their family
  • Driving the business agenda informally
  • Team cross functional collaboration
  • Projecting management via family day over the horizon by strengthening their influence in the organization

Employee Family Day

Hire an Agency

Don’t try to do everything on your own hire an agency which can help you plan the event. Remember the event engages and cut across everyone in the organization, which leaves no room for errors.

Freeze the agenda

Event agenda will decide the fate of Family day, keep it interesting, don’t try to do too many things. Keep it simple and engaging with focus on employee and their families.

Include employee performances

The most effective way to keep the event engaging is to incorporate employee performances as part of the event agenda. This will provide employees with an opportunity to display their creative talent. Employee performances may include fashion and dance shows and group performances. Don’t forget to hire a choreographer for initial rehearsals, to add a professional flavor to the performances.

Showcase Company branding

The family day is perfect event to showcase company history, legacy and vision not just for employees but also their family members. This will instill a feeling a pride amongst employees on the kind of brand they are all working for.

Games and food for kids

Keep the kids happy by having lots of games and rides for them, you don’t want employee kids to get bored and forces them to go home or elsewhere. Keep them busy so that employees get an opportunity to socialize with others.

Reward employees

Don’t leave out any opportunity to reward employees. Initiate a formal thank you note from the CEO to wrap up the event thanking employees who made this event possible.

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  1. How true that things have changed. I’ve just started a consultancy practise and am finding that personalising your profession is critical – who wants to see generic stock photography and hear opinions that won’t offend anyone, but won’t inspire anyone either? We all need to put a bit of personality into our work if we’re well-rounded humans, not corporate robots!

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