One man show companies

one man show companiesONE MAN SHOW

One fine morning, your company management team member decided to revise the leave policy for the organization. He/she goes drafts a note and send it across to you to make cosmetic changes for mass release.

This message sends shock waves leading to higher dissatisfaction rate where employees questioning the intent of this move on them. The result is obvious- employee attrition, company losing their identified and developed talent to the competition.

Is your company a “One man show” organization?

Usually in smaller organization construct, one person drives decision-making, which is the CEO. He/she’s mood swings may decide the fate of the company policies. This in Indian context is called a “LALA” company, where all decisions are reactive based on no feedback with no room for discussions.

Your company is a one man show when

  • Policies changes are as frequent as Friday movie releases
  • Employees work philosophy is “Look busy do nothing”
  • Decision making is irrational and lighting fast
  • No concrete structure of events, initiatives and frameworkHire and fire is very common
  • Promotions are very frequent based on how much revenue an employee brings to the organization
  • Designations are fancy but has no depth or experience

one man show companies

Tips for communication specialists

If you realize that you are working for one such company, here is what you should do

  • Try to understand your CEO’s vision, chances are you may be able to change the way he/she communicates helping the organization position internally
  • You may want to change the culture, but that would take time, try only if you are patient
  • Introduce a transparent social enterprising tool or rather try, convincing the CEO can be challenging but do try.
  • This social tool will bring in transparency in the company helping employees with their concerns, beware the CEO may resist this initiative.
  • Run employee opinion polls and share findings with the CEO with a concrete action plan with the CEO. For all you know he/she in the right mood may just sign off the action plan.
  • The idea is to keep trying, this organization culture may be lot different than your regular organization, try to acclimatize with the change if not be the change.

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