Use technology to communicate


Technology is a boon for all of us waiting to be leveraged. But somehow most of the communications specialists are still stuck with the traditional, not so effective communications channels to penetrate to their employee base for organizational messages. Considering most of our company employees are tech-savvy, and social media users, I don’t understand their continued dependence on the abused, dated channels, which has no relevance in today’s day and age.

Wake up

I urge such professionals to wake up and smell the coffee, communication has evolved, email dependency has come down, social networking has replaced the way employees talk to each other and helps them vent out their emotional catharsis.

Tips for dated communications specialist

If you are one such dated communication specialist, these tips may come in handy to help you come up to speed with technology

emp comm

Think beyond emails

Email is only effective if your employees don’t have access to social media sites. But now most of the companies have realized the growing importance of social networking to engage their employees. Because engaged employee is a happy employee.

So if you continue to invest and rely on email technology chances are you would not be able to meet your business communications objectives ultimately leading you to quit or being asked to quit this role of a communication specialist.

Invest in social networking site

Gone are those days when employees didn’t have access to social media sites for the reasons, which were then thought to be counter-productive. But now with a new age, social media is a business need and prohibiting employees not to use such platform will only make them less engaged leading to a boring workplace.

The world is of the opinion that the social media will be the future of communications, as the technology will continue to evolve. If you refuse to acknowledge this reality chances are you will be out of your job of a communications specialist sooner or later.

Intranet is your company internal website

If you still continue to use your intranet only as a knowledge repository of important company documents, you may be just losing out on the potential impact of this effective employee communication tool. Remember, intranet is not just about hosting company documents but also

  • Engaging tool to cascade important organizational messages
  • Channel which can be used for employee feedback on various organizational issues
  • Opinion polls can also be run via intranet as a voice of employee
  • Branding tool to further get employees closer to your company brand

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