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open doorHow open is your open door policy

As internal communications specialist, it’s our role to position our leaders over the horizon. Which means making our company leaders accessible and approachable to employees. Most the companies use this approach under their “Open door” policy.

Open door policy encourages employees to approach their leaders when stuck with issues related to people or processes. Usually the issues would be around these two only, either you dont get along with someone or there is a process, which limits your creativity to get work done. True isn’t!

Positioning the leaders

Coming back to positioning leaders. It is important for all of us as communication specialists to be the shield of our management. The worst you can do is participate in the office grapevine intentionally or intentionally commenting on the leader, which may get construed negatively. Remember it all starts with us. If we cant beat be the grapevine at least try not to be the grapevine.

We are the reliable company reporters

We also get exposed to lot of company wide sensitive information, which we should protect. I have seen many professionals in their quest to be humorous share jokes on company financial performance. This will only show you in a bad light let alone the leaders and management.


Guard your management team

As a thumb rule, always guard your leaders with enthusiasm, this is contagious and has direct bearing on company performance. If you sense any negative information brewing, share it with the management with your recommendation on what can be done to to mitigate it.

Remember leaders are always busy, and may not have sight to what’s happening in the organization, it is our role as communications specialist to bridge that gap. We are in other words internal journalist of the organization.

Tips for communications specialists

  • Don’t participate in company grapevine
  • Shield the management team
  • Position your leaders as trustworthy before your employees. This will help employees and the management team to get closer to each other
  • Guard negativity with enthusiasm, enthusiasm is contagious use it to your advantage to beat negativity
  • Bridge the gap between leaders and employees by promoting the company open door policy

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