Think twice before rejecting applicants

hiringThe WOW hiring experience

Let me share some numbers with you. I can understand most of the communication professionals are not too number savvy; I am also one of them. But these figures are generic in nature.

Don’t underestimate the not so fit candidates

Do you know companies’ hire only 3-5% of the total applicants? Which is a no brainer; organizations have filters in their hiring process to hire the best of the best. But what do you do with the remaining 95% of the rejected or rather not fit for the job candidates. Chances are they will get hired somewhere. Thanks to the talent crunch and organizations appetite to grow and recognize talent.

Once given an opportunity, these not so fit candidates will put an extra effort come up the learning curve. And eventually will break into the 5% of candidates, which you will look at hiring in future.

The amazing hiring experience

Now you know how important is to give prospective employees the right hiring experience because these people if not today in future will get hired by your company. It’s a fact the sooner we realize the better.

We as communication professionals need to ensure that we give them the wow experience in our company hiring process. These 95% of prospective employees, the not so fit for the job, will go back and spread the word about your company. The wow experience will only add credibility to your reputation and will make them join you once they get to the desired learning curve.


So what should you do?

  • Create the right ambience for your interview area; giving such prospect s the feel of how is it like working with your organization.
  • As a thumb rule, don’t be corny or arrogant; hiring professionals tend to throw their weight around, occupational hazard, which needs to be minimized. As communications professionals you need to call that out to our hiring experts to ensure adherence.
  • Use Company branding collaterals, a 3-minute video will be very apt.
  • Since these candidates will in the interview waiting area, leverage this opportunity to showcase your company. A video message such as employee testimonials on why they love the organization will be just right.

Remember, we have to use every prospective employee touch point to attract them and a good hiring experience goes a long way.

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