No boring leadership events

leadership eventsIt surprises me to see major Fortune companies still following the age-old style of engaging with their employees. Their employee count may have grown three fold but their communication approach is still dated especially employee communications.

Leadership Events

A company leadership event is one classic example of how things have just not evolved from the 90s. Leadership events in most of the organizations are called TOWNHALLS.

What are townhalls

These townhalls are yearly or biannual events organized by companies to connect with their employees where leaders share the company update and recognize employees who have contributed to the organization success.

The origin of Townhalls

The word townhall has a history dated back in the 60s when major political leaders visited the town and booked halls to share their party manifesto with people in their quest to garner votes.

Things have not changed

Unfortunately the same approach of is still being followed only difference being the political leaders have now been replaced with business leaders and the hard copy manifesto has been replaced with a PowerPoint presentation.

leadership events

Things you can do make the Townhall interesting

Tips for communication professionals

Communication professionals usually work closely with the management team to draft out a townhall agenda. Here is what you can do to make the townhall event more interesting

  • Brand– Start with branding the townhall event. The word townhall evokes boring presentation by not so engaging leaders sharing numbers, which has no relevance in employee lives. So do away from the word townhall.
  • Position– Position townhall as an engaging company event, giving employees the opportunity to get to know their leaders- this will bring out what’s in it for employees.
  • Promote– Develop internal employee campaigns to promote the townhall brand. This may include a dedicated intranet page with updates, email messages to all employees or even the social media page to generate excitement. Developing a townhall theme may help in promoting.
  • Engage– Ensure the event is not long, incorporate fun activity games, which showcases your company values and culture.

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