Having an idea and presenting it- two different things

ideasYou as a communication professional have creative ideas, or you won’t be reading this post, which is dedicated to the communication experts across the globe.  Well if you don’t, time you look for a role change because communications is all about eccentric, radical, game changing idea factory, which can make or break the organization corporate culture.

Presenting creative ideas

Having a creative idea is one thing but presenting is another- for it to go through. You need to focus on presenting the idea with equal creativity as the main idea itself. Or a great idea with average not so creative showcase platform may not see the light of the day.

Choosing the right platform for the idea

Half the battle is won if you choose the right communication platform to showcase your change management ideas. Let me sound you off if you don’t already know this: a PowerPoint presentation is a dated approach. It’s 90’s style of presenting 90s ideas which has no relevance today.

So how else do you present your creative or not so creative ideas in a most creative yet relevant manner?

presenting ideas

Your answer lies in videos!

A small demo video of your idea with an apt soundtrack in the backdrop has more chances you sailing through than a verbose, boring PowerPoint approach.

A video is a great storytelling approach, which forces you to pen down your thoughts in a more succinct manner. And a great background score can have a great recall value. Songs have meanings and have huge potential to create an emotional connect with listeners. Songs remind of you of your first love, kiss, breakup or party. You may forget the person but chances are you will have a tough time moving on over a song.

So marry your idea with a song with a compelling storyboard and you have a recipe for success ready to be served.

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