Branding starts with you

We as communication professionals are in the business of branding- branding not just the organizations but most importantly ourselves. Whatever you say or do in your company is being closely monitored. Not trying to scare you by planting a thought of voyeur cameras around your workstation. But you are being watched.

You are being watched

By monitoring I don’t intend to imply your voyeur cams footage being used internally for entertainment purposes. It means you need to be on top of your best behavior all the time. This in some organizations also called reputation management.

Brand management- Celebraties pay millions 

This is not a new phenomenon. Celebrities pay millions to position themselves in the mindset of their viewers.  It’s not about branding a commodity anymore or associating a person with a commodity but now people have become commodities.

Think about it, an organization with a work force of more than 50000 employees where everyone is trying hard to get that small mind share of the management to prove his/her worth.  It doesn’t matter if you are working for a company of 50000 or 50; the operating guidelines remain the same and even the objective- viz mindshare of your target audience (management)

Even you are a brand

Just like you have products and commodities evenly placed at the supermarket to grab your attention, similarly we humans are eyeing for our management attention at workplace. So how do you gain that mind share?

I won’t tell you ten effective ways to make your boss like you, because that won’t change a thing. Sucking up to managers and bosses is old school and a passé. It used to work in 90s not in today’s day and age.

Use intranet to communicate

Dont just suck up 

Would you buy anything from a salesperson who is constantly trying to suck up to you? Chances are you would not. You could have if you were the consumer of 90s, where salespeople would go to extremes to dupe you in selling something which you don’t even need. These days a$#-licking is a complete turn off. You would not like to be pushed to buy anything, or would you?

So how do you expect your boss to buy into your worth when you consistently trying to sell?

Create your own internal brand

What should you do? It’s simple- develop you own brand: a brand which resonates with people. Think of an office colleague, who is most annoying; his/her name will immediately pop up into your head. Think of a coworker who is extremely diligent with his/her work, and you would have the name.

This emerging name in your head ladies and gentleman is what employee branding is. Because you are a brand, so what do you want to be known for? Annoying, hard working, that’s your prerogative.

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