All your employees want is appreciation

recognitionTransparency comes much later, but first you need to be clear if your organization has a recognition program, which promotes and recognizes hard work and talent. Most of the big companies have an employee reward program but the effectiveness of the program is always under tight scrutiny.

Types of recognition programs

There are various kinds of recognition program but for our discussion we would stick only to two viz formal and informal.

Formal recognition

Formal recognition program is a platform for the organization to encourage and reward performance in an annual/quarterly event (townhall meetings) The periodicity is company specific; some organizations have a monthly event as well. The idea is to showcase employees who have made exceptional contribution to company business goals.

Tips for communication specialists 

  • We have an opportunity to brand the recognition program
  • The brand should resonate with the intent of the recognition program.
  • Some the brand names, which you can think of, are: Accolades, R&R- rewards and recognitions.
  • Such formal events has great scope for physical branding, use branding collaterals to create that connect.


Informal recognition

Its not a great sign if your company doesn’t have a recognition program, but you can initiate the informal recognition program. Don’t wait for a formal initiative. Informal recognition program may include a small thank you note form someone, or just a pat on the back, which drives informal recognition.

Tips for communication specialists

  • Initiate a platform on the intranet where employees can informally appreciate each other.
  • Again brand this informal platform.
  • Promote the platform internally, this will position the organization which rewards hard work
  • Encourage leadership to leverage this informal program, remember a pat on the back goes a long way

Categories of rewards

Its important you figure out what kinds of employee contribution do we want to reward. We will discuss some of the generic categories of rewards

  • Living company values- This award is a must in every recognition program, which promotes employees who have displayed company values in achieving business goals.
  • Emerging leader- As an organization we should make every effort to develop talent and leaders internally. Rewarding employees who have displayed leadership skills in meeting team goals directly impacting the business, is worth rewarding.

Tips for communication specialists

  • There is great scope to brand the certificates
  • Recommend a company merchandize or a give away for all the recipients other than the reward.
  • Choose a trophy carefully, with more focus on the category of the award.

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