Make your company events interesting

eventThings have not changed in the last 10 years in the way company conduct their leadership events.

Recently I had the privilege of attending a townhall of one of Fortune top 100 companies. That’s the reason I could not post anything for few days.

Back to the townhall, the event had participation from more than 700 employees across locations and countries. And when you have such number to boast as your company headcount, we would expect an event to be a cracker.

Things have not changed 

But unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The townhall appeared to be staged with management taking turns to update employees on business and growth plans. To make things worse, the leaders were not even great facilitators, boring the audience with numbers which were not visible on the powerpoint presentations. The event was so predictable that even employees knew what’s coming their way.

My worry is if global brands are positioning their events in such non-engaging manner, wonder what they would do to on employee engagement initiatives.

If you happen to work for such organizations, here are some tips, which would come in handy.

Say no to long Powerpoint presentations

Lets face it, even an interesting movie gets boring after 45 minutes, here you have boring leaders talking about boring numbers. Something you want to think about.

eventShow more visuals

Imagine a movie with no music only hard crunching numbers for you to understand. You would not want to see that movie even it has your favorite actor. So replace the content with visuals and talk through your audience.

Be a storyteller

How would you like a movie with a plain message, and no storyboard, well that’s called a documentary not every one likes documentary movies? Add a tinge of humor and some interesting anecdotes for employees to relate. Don’t let your leaders read out from the script.

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