Your leaders will be irrelevant soon

shutterstock_116365033Let’s face it, things have changed. The so-called accepted management style of the past doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t you remember being told about the company policies, norms and procedures on the date of joining? And the repercussions on failing to abide by such defined guidelines.

The leaders/dictators of yester years

The management style which was all about taking control of people, is now passe. This may give  you an insight into the leader of the past

  • Payback time, the leader life mantra– I was treated like shit, so I will ensure I give the same back to my team members now
  • Take the credit– Always on the move to take credit even for things they haven’t done
  • Monologue- Leader having a last and rather the only say in a dialogue which we now call a monologue.
  • I am the management– Leaders constantly finding creative ways to differentiate themselves from employees in the name of company policies.
  • Please call me Sir– Leaders getting offended on not being referred as “Sir”
  • Mail me – I will approve– Obsessed with approval mechanism and need for control. Even employee leaves and expense approval
  • Technologically challenged.

Don’t do anything- they will become redundant within weeks


If your company has such leaders, which I am pretty sure you would, word of wisdom- don’t do anything, and very soon,they will become redundant.

Some may just as I write this post. But what you as communication professionals need to do is learn-

Not to become like one of them- Be today’s leader

  • Collaborate – As communication professionals, learn to tap into others competencies. Remember you cant do everything on your own
  • Engage and interact– Engage with your employees, Direct reports, have team outings, and please for god sakes do not at any cost let your employees refer to you as Sir or madam
  • Share credit– it’s the people who help you do your job, so give them that due credit. Remember your role is only ofa facilitator – an enabler, you eventually have to get it done from someone else
  • Empower– let your team manage leaves, learn to trust them.
  • Transparent– even if you like some of the team members, don’t make it too obvious give everyone a chance to prove their metal.


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