Be nice-Your kid intern could be the next CEO

be niceI have no qualms in confessing and acknowledging the fact that kids these days are far more creative and intelligent than all of us put together in one room. It is their uncanny ability to speak the truth and get imaginative with ideas which most of us as adults lose sight of in our quest to play safe.

Don’t kill a kid within

We all have a small kid within ourselves which is very active in the heydays of our professional careers. This kid makes us want to question the status quo, the policies and procedures, the defined set of rules which ties everyone down to think out of the box.

We are always told to be average

But as we evolve, we are often told to mellow down and be like the rest of them.  Once we become like the rest, it may appear we are maturing as an individual, doing all the right things, but little do we know that we are surrendering our thinking ability to the already established bureaucratic system which forces us to be average.

Who wants to be average?

If you wish to remain average all your life trying to secure and safeguard your job, this post is not for you, but do come back to it once you have been laid off which may not be too farfetched.

bossWake up- this is not the world of average anymore, it is also not the world of thinkers anymore, it’s about doers,

  • Who are not afraid to tread unchartered territories?
  • Who are constantly trying new things to change the existing way of doing things.
  • Who are not afraid of failing
  • Who are go- getters

In other words, the world of kids! How close are you to these kids?

  • This kid could be a junior employee reporting to you
  • This kid could be the college intern serving his/her internship in your company
  • This kid could be your rebellious son/daughter constantly giving you feedback and inputs on the things you are not doing right 

Time you take these kids seriously- don’t be surprised if this kid becomes your boss someday, which is inevitable and giving you back the same shit which you did as a boss.


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