Communication schools are worthless

bookChange is inevitable but some people and institutions refuse to acknowledge this. Especially educational institutes across the globe! Having studied in India and North America i fail to understand the relevance of educational content in this day and age.

Go back to your school days, how much of it you can apply in real life, let alone the relevance and retention of it. Being a communication and journalism student, I have been reviewing the content of various schools and institutes. And to my surprise there has not been any change since last ten years.

I don’t need schools to learn history of press or communications- I have wiki

Schools still teach the history of journalism, communication being a two way process, sender, and receiver. The evolution of printing press and how it changed the landscape of the world! All this information can be easily retrieved from the internet; I don’t need to pay thousands and lacs of rupees /dollars to institutes to tell me that. All I need is Wikipedia-which is free.

Schools don’t allow students to carry ipads or tablets to classroom

We all keep talking about the change and the effective use of technology in the way we work and do things now. Whereas most of the schools in India don’t even permit an IPad or a personal tablet to validate on what is being taught to them. May be the babyboomer teacher population may just get exposed to the irrelevant and out of date content which they have been churning for years.

No module on digital marketing in course content- SHOCKINGbook

You will be surprised to know the famous Catholic journalism, AD and PR school in India which offers part time courses has only a page on digital marketing in their entire 1 year degree/diploma course.

The teachers are in the age bracket of 50-60 years. Using powerpoint slides as course content which they made with the evolution of ppt, 15 years ago with no changes in the course module.

Dilemma for student

If students were to question the content they may not get grades and eventually fail in the program. Also students in order to secure high marks may have to buy the teacher books written zillion years ago.


  • The course content is irrelevant and dated
  • The teachers are aged with a narrow outlook to accept or introduce new ideas
  • The students are not allowed to write anything but they have been taught in the classroom in their exams
  • No mention of digital marketing and the redundancy of existing media
  • No interactive discussions around the subject of communications
  • Plain focus on reading out content from their own books and expecting students to take notes.

Even if you top the school with this studying methodology, will that be of any use when you hit the job market?

So is this program worth anything.

Moral of the story-

You are your own teacher; learn from people experiences not by enrolling yourself into a classroom environment. That environment will only curb your creative thought process and put you in the closed, narrow box of limited thinking and imagination.

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