Where is the change!

one man show companiesI find it very strange when people tell me things are so different now, the way we communicate is radically different what it used to be back in the days. Technology has made our jobs easier and our ability to reach out to wider markets and employees is far more superior and effective.

Now why i find such statements strange! Because we may be communicating differently but what we communicate is still pretty much the same

  • Email may have replaced physical memos but our old school colleagues’ concepts and thoughts still remain the same. These baby boomers continue to apply the same methodology what they did back in nineties.
  • Social media may have changed the game in the way we deal with our employees but what we post on the media is the byproduct of old school content marketing. (Wait do they even know what content marketing is!)
  • The process may have changed but it hasn’t been eliminated. In most of the companies employees still have to take approvals from their managers for smallest of things.
  • People still form perception with the way employees dress up to work
  • Women employees are still being looked down upon in some parts of India though.
  • Sucking up managers and bosses is still as common as it was back in the past.
  • Kicking down their team is still a common practice Supervisors follow.
  • Leadership still don’t want to unlearn what they learnt back in their Grad school

So where is the change?manage ideas

We as communication professionals have a role of a catalyst to change or mould this behavior considering the power vested in our role to talk to employees.

Tips for communication professionals

  • Identify the culture- Do you know the culture of the company you work for? Culture is nothing but how employees work in the organization. It could be laid back or aggressive or simply a place where people are cutting corners to get ahead of them. Identify that culture.
  • Articulate the culture- Once you have acknowledged the culture articulate is and share it with the management. Be prepared if your organization is laid back, you will have to fight to make your voice hear. Tell leadership about it and take their views.
  • Suggest a change- Remember everyone blames for the culture for things not working in the company, so we as communication professionals need to have a solution to change or at least mould the culture.
  • Start with a small change- The change does not have to be grand, just a small email campaign is good enough for a year. For example, a small company was facing a problem with collaboration, where all their employees were spending too much time in documenting and writing emails to each other to get work done. A small campaign on pick up the phone and call  rather email changed everything in the organization. What company realized that with this campaign employees were not only saving time in writing emails but have also become more productive? Their peer relationship also got better. The organization became a family and it even impacted their attrition.

We as communication professionals have the power to change behavior, the old school thought can be replaced with a radical school, it starts with us.

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