Make your workplace interesting

workplaceLet me describe a typical workplace for you, which most of us is already a part of.

  • Groups and teams, which we would see in the cafeteria doing BMW which stands for Bitching, Moaning and Whining.
  • Meeting rooms always full with employees deciding to have the venue for their next offsite or next team meeting.
  • Teams working in silos, least concerned about anyone else’s existence.
  • Never ending phone calls, argumentative conference calls on a speaker phone where all parties trying to pin each other down
  • Your Manager, who you feel is not fair and has been taking all the wrong decisions, playing favoritism, is one.
  • Senior leadership who you feel is redundant, and is milking the organization for their sheer non-relevant experience.
  • Your peers always trying to suck up to the boss to gain brownie points.
  • This organization doesn’t deserve me and are on the look-out for job change

Is this how you see your workplace?

If you do, then let me break the bad news for you. You are weak, negative and belong to the 80 percent category of average people who only crib and sulk of what’s not going right.

The remaining 20 percent ladies and gentleman are your managers and leaders who have seen the positive side of workplace, the lighter, accommodative side of bosses and were never part of your bitching group.

It is very easy to turn pessimist, even easier to sulk but how many times you ever said “My job may not be perfect but so is this world, I need to make the most of what I have”.  With this perspective this is how your workplace may appearbe nice

  • Groups and teams having fun in the cafeteria
  • Colleagues are very accommodative because you keep yourself distant from the negative ones.
  • Leadership is always supportive and is very competent
  • You are not trying too hard to please bosses, but putting everything you can to do the job.
  • You are very satisfied with what you do, and feel lucky to be given this opportunity

It’s all up to us, the world of average 80 percent or the positive, doers, successful 20 percent! The choice lies with us.

As communication professionals, you need to love your product, which is the company you work for. And the only way you can sell a product effectively if you passionately love it.  Just think of a disinterested salesman trying to sell you a product which he/she himself is not convinced of only to earn a livelihood. How long do you think it can last!

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