How different are you!

DifferentI often come across youngsters trying to convince me in an interview on how different they are from others. But that rhetorical difference is only visible in the job interview. Once you hire them they all are the same, and I am counting myself into that lot of not so different people too.

Think about it, we all have ground breaking ideas that can change the face of earth, or so we would like to believe. We have the adrenalin to push through those ideas and execute. But somewhere down the road, we lose sight of such ideas and find ourselves rationalizing on not implementing them.

Isn’t that what average is made of! Doing repetitive safe things which everyone else is doing, curbing inner potential just to be safe which includes-

  • Doing a 10 am – 6 pm safe job
  • A job which may not even remotely interest you but we still do to feed our family.
  • A lower or no risk appetite which may be termed as insecurity, or a zero tolerance to failure.
  • Holding on to information and ideas fearing someone else may steal and implement.
  • Wanting to do different things, but feel being victimized into a regular corporate job circle.
  • Aspiring to start up your own venture or business but wait for the right time only to figure out – you are too old to do this.

Ninety nine percent people think the same way which I mentioned above. So how different are you. If you want to be different than others, here is what you may want to do-how different

  • Thinking you are different doesn’t make you any different than others- share those different ideas with everyone, now that’s new
  • Do something that excites you – You don’t have to leave your job for this but harness your creative potential which makes you happy
  • Don’t think about how much money you would make by sharing your different ideas, money should not be the only driving force, be the change.
  • Ask yourself – is this what I came here to do? Am I making a difference to this world?

So how different are you.

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