Internal Marketing- what is it

bookI am often being asked by people especially young interns, on the exciting career prospects of corporate communications. And most of them have preconceived notions about communications as a profession. For example

  • Exciting lifestyle
  • Media interactions
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Travel & meeting new people

All the above may be true but there is one critical aspect of corporate communications which most of the people ignore or probably not aware of: employee communications. Which in today’s market place is referred to as “Internal employee marketing”

If you see the trend globally, organizations especially Fortune 500 is hiring internal communications specialists for their employee branding efforts. The reasons are obviousthe company intranet

  • More and more companies are realizing the importance of employees in meeting their bottom line and topline growth.
  • It’s not just about giving employees their monthly salaries but also a great employee experience.
  • Differentiator- Resourceful employees is what differentiates companies from their competitors.
  • Employees are making things happen for companies from meeting targets to revenue generation.
  • Boardroom business strategy is useless unless you have a strong workforce. Remember frontline employees will eventually implement it.

Internal marketing of company initiatives is what internal communications professionals do. This is even more exciting. Here is how.

  • Landscape: With organizations growing at a steady pace hiring workforce in bulk, internal marketers will play a key role in the company both from employee retention and motivation standpoint.
  • Creative freedom: The company policies may not be as stringent internally as they would be externally which will give you ample space to try out creative mediums to reach out to audience viz employees.
  • Multiple Communications channels: As internal communication professionals you can use channels such as the intranet, which works, as a one-stop shop for all employee information. Managing a company intranet is much more challenging than running a website.
  • Still use social media: You can still leverage the power of social media by using Enterprise Social networking (ESN) to effectively engage your workforce. Think of ESN as Facebook for business.
  • Prepares you for leadership: Internal marketeers have easy access to company information, this prepares them for a future leadership role. Knowing the gaps, strengths and the company opportunity areas is what will separate you from other employees.

So interns, do look at internal marketing as a possible career option, because it is only going to get bigger.

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