How transparent is your appraisal system

wow induction experiencePerception! term which is so commonly used or rather abused in a corporate environment. The meaning of this term still remains elusive to most of us.

But you would its extensive usage during appraisal discussions with your supervisor who will try to tell you on how you are being perceived (mostly negative) by other colleagues and peers in the company. There is an HR jargon around this called 360-degree feedback.

360-feedback is asking coworkers mostly, who you work with very closely (apparently) about your behavior, performance and relationship with them. This appraisal methodology is being used for years now, and is still being leveraged by some companies.

Do you think this approach still works? I have my doubts. It’s like asking your competitors on how good your rival is. We all know the answer to that. It’s like asking your ex-husband, wife, girl friend boyfriend on how good your partner was. What kind of feedback can you expect? A twisted 360 perhaps.

But how can there be transparency in such a system. May be that’s why I am not a big fan of 360.  For 360 to be effective, an organization needs to be as transparent as it can be. That is the only way they can earn employee’s trust, which would lead to brand loyalty.

As communication professionals this is what we can do to bring about transparency in the system: Transparency

  • Challenge the system: to bring about change you need to challenge the status quo. Just because things have been working for years in the organization does not mean they will continue to work the same way for next 5 years as well. Present your case to the management and be the change.
  • Voice of employee: As communication professionals we represent the employees, and constantly working towards providing employee with great company experience. Run opinion polls on the intranet and take consistent feedback from them on the appraisal system and the improvement areas.
  • Compile the feedback: Sense the pulse of your employees by running online intranet polls; email campaigns and even social media grievances. Compile that feedback and present a solution. Management doesn’t like problems they like problem solvers. Be the one.
  • Showcase transparency: Whatever you do, ensure transparency in every management decision. Especially appraisals, promotions and increments. Showcase the success stories and the reason why they have been chosen. This will set the stage for others to follow.

Perception is nothing but a corporate jargon in today’s day and age. Change it, Yes, once formed it can be changed.

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