Don’t wait for your kids to lead your life

StrategyWe all at some subconscious level think that we are different from others. The rules don’t apply to us, our thought process is revolutionary and our creative talent is yet to be fully tapped into.

But think about it, we all are constantly trying to copy and imitate each other. Here are some examples

  • Clothes: The clothes that we wear, how many of us try to experiment with colors and fabrics. We just shamelessly and conveniently copy what others have worn in our quest to match up.
  • Office: Pleasing and sucking up to our bosses to gain brownie points or the much-awaited promotion. But so is everyone else!
  • Meetings: Saying what others may like and would appreciate us.
  • Cars: How many times have we bought something to prove a point to someone, a neighbor, coworker or a relative? We do it all the time, buying others have bought despite a heavy price tag which hurts the pocket.
  • Diet plans: If we see someone losing weight with an X diet we start following it immediately without knowing anything about it.
  • Body Composition: being obsessed with six packs abs like everyone else without knowing it may not be healthy for some individuals.

Being different means trying out new things, but we are so caught up in our safety net, which forces us to stay in our comfort zone. How many times have webe different

  • Challenged the not so rational ideas at workplace.
  • Questioned the status quo on certain practices, which need to restructure.
  • Worn something which is unique and not so common
  • Bought something, which according to us is the best product despite what markets have to say about it.
  • Embarked on a professional career which in theory shows no promise
  • Followed our heart and overlooked the commercial aspects of things.
  • Not cared about six pack abs and just followed your gut.

And when we fail to risk all this, we start rationalizing our actions

  • Things were not as conducive for me to do what I wanted to.
  • I can’t do something, which is risky; I need to feed my family.
  • My kids will live a life, which I always wanted to.

Remember its one life, don’t wait for your kids to lead the life and do things what you always wanted to. Because it will be their lives and let them live the way they choose to.

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