Treating company policies as products

brand the functionsEverything in your company is a product, which needs marketing. From processes to policies, there is a dying need for an organization to treat all these internal documents as products for it to be cascaded effectively amongst employees.

May be that’s why the term internal employee communications has now been changed to internal marketing. More and more companies are realizing the importance of marketing internal organization initiatives to employees.

Remember as communication professionals you can market any process and product internally. But before you do that here are some guidelines.internal marketing

  • Organization focus: Align your focus to the burning communications need of the company. You may be tempted to do a campaign on over time policies but the organization culture may not promote such practice.
  • Buy in from management: The only way to know where you should focus your communication efforts is to discuss the goals with the management. Take their buy in and inputs on issues which needs immediate attention via communication route.
  • Messaging: Once you get the requisite inputs from management, think of the messaging which you would want to drive. For example, for a campaign on performance appraisal system of your company what would you want to share, it could be the annual cycle dates, the grading system or simply changes to the existing methodology.
  • Structure: Its important you give structure to the messaging approach with timelines and the channels you would use to drive these messages. We call it a campaign snapshot. For example when would you release the first message and will it be an email or a blog post on the intranet.
  • Approach: This is the creative part where in you need to decide on the approach of such messages. For example, do you want to bring in humor in all the messages or plain information?
  • Calendarize and share: Calendarize the list of all activities you would do in the campaign with dates and share it with the management. This will be your campaign charter which you can follow for the next few weeks basis your campaign duration.
  • Measure: Run employee opinion polls on the intranet to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Numbers will help you quantify the campaign and the reach of your message.

Internal marketing is even more fun than external marketing, given the creative independence you may have in running campaigns.

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