Are you ready to be an entrepreneur

Tarungill.comTo be or not to be an entrepreneur a classic dilemma every corporate employee faces. But the truth is everyone talks about branching out, but very few can actually take the plunge to start something of their own. After all you are kicking the secured monthly income to do something, which you firmly believe.

So how do you know when you are ready to be an entrepreneur the early signs



You have been doing the same job for years, though you may have grown in position or changed organizations but your function/department has remained the same. And you want to do something, which you haven’t done before. You start thinking of what you want to do in life, don’t ignore this sign, this could possibly the start of new entrepreneur thinking.

You are the smartest in the room

While attending meetings with your office coworkers, peers and the Management, you often feel that you know little more than they do. And more so they listen and pay attention to your inputs.  Your advise holds credence in the organization, and people often consider you a threat, since they feel you are much smarter than them. Though all this used to excite you but now you feel that there is no learning for you.

You want to be challenged

You are just not satisfied with what you do, and always have this hunger to do and take more on your plate. You want to take up things, which challenge you, but the organization fails to provide you the platform. You keep trying for more roles but company process and guidelines prevent your leaders in giving you more responsibility.

Don’t ignore these early signs, you may not have a profitable business idea but you need to keep thinking till the time you find one.  Don’t be afraid to fail, so long you keep trying with new ideas. Remember, you can just do your corporate job and continue to nurture the business idea. Once you crystallize it go at it, it may or may not work but the learning, which you will acquire out of this process, will beat any corporate experience. So go for it!

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