Communications specialist- why in demand?

Tarungill.comLets face it; internal employee communications is a niche profile. Though, it has been gaining popularity and visibility in the global marketplace, but still for most organizations, this role is a “Good to have” not a “Need to have”.

People who I met initially never really understood what I did and often questioned my relevance in the company. That was few years ago, when even writing job descriptions of such a role, was a challenge. Because, the Human Resource department of the company never really knew what this profile meant and would do for the organization.

But luckily things are a lot different now. Communications professionals are in demand, and here is why

Writing content

The advent of the internet- now companies need communication specialist to filter out the right content for their company employees.

Managing Social Media

With the Internet evolution, the companies have also evolved and grown with massive headcounts. It has become pivotal for them to bring together all the employees spread globally on a common platform for maximum employee engagement. This has lead to the emergence of Social networking, which in business context called “Enterprise Social Networking” ESN.

To manage these ESN platforms, organizations need communication professionals

Managing the employee intranet

Technology has also played a key role in defining communication specialists’ role. Just like having a business company website on the Internet is a must have, similarly an internal employee website, the intranet has become even more essential for its employees. These intranet are being managed just like any dynamic website with critical focus on the right content and employee relevance. But mostly in a traditional set-up employee intranet is typically used for:

  • Employee reimbursements
  • Organization updates
  • Salary pay-slips
  • Leadership events

This is a classic intranet set up, where organizations need communication people to write and manage the portal.

Internal Branding

Internal branding is also one of the areas, which companies have started paying attention to. Its not just spending money on an outdoor campaign it is also important to replicate the same message internally. Can you imagine a scenario where employees are not aware of the company campaign, trust me it has happened to me before.

A great opportunity for you to get into a communications domain! It not only pays you well, but also exposes to different facets of the organization.

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