Common mistakes leaders make

tarungill.comLeaders are not perfect, though they may have reached a certain level which we all look upto and admire but they do have rough edges, which can turn into leadership blunders if not addressed on time.

So what are these rough edges


Leaders tend to develop perception for people in split of a second. Though it is fine to listen to your gut, but in a leadership role, it can be dangerous.

I was always told by my seniors to take a lesson on perception management viz

Doing what leaders want you to do without they telling me anything. But that’s practically impossible, it is always better to ask your leaders what they expect out of you. It is no shame to go to them and ask them what needs to be done. But the problem with leaders is that, they may think you are incompetent, which is fine, it is their rough edge which they need to work on not you.

Soft corner

Believe it or not, most of the leaders have their set of favorites often referred to as blue-eyed boys of the company. Leaders tend to develop a liking for them based on their attitude, will power or work output. This is all fine, but these likings when come out in the open can demotivate the other staff, which probably think and work almost the same as blue eyed boys but are failed to be recognized. This demotivation leads to jealousy amongst other coworkers and most often leads to animosity, which can never be bridged.

Blue eyed boys – abuse

Believe it or not, the blue-eyed boys abuse their status in the company, knowing they can get away with whatever they do. They start believing that they are indispensable for the organization and the company cannot function without they being in it. This attitude most of the leaders overlook, which further nurtures and strengthen their belief of abusing their organizational status, leading to dissatisfaction amongst other co workers.

Too friendly

Leaders in their quest to be friendly with their team tend to get soft with their team members. Which is ok to some extent but some team members can take advantage of that, taking leaders warm behavior for granted. Leaders need to take tough decisions but their inability to do so only hits them hard in the long run. As bosses, they need to clearly set your boundaries for their team member or they will walk all over you.

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