Employee Training programs- don’t help

tarungill.comAll of us have some or rather many opportunity areas to improve. These areas are professional, personnel or both. Many organizations spend millions of dollars to help their employees with their developmental needs by enrolling (sometimes forcefully) them into various training programs. Most of these programs are classroom based with limited real time scenarios and have more idealistic situations, which are miles away from reality.

The training intent is right, to straighten out the individual rough edges. But the delivery and the actual content in the training is what I always find myself questioning. Here is why-

It is only about numbers

In my experience I have always seen training driven by the Human Resources department of the organization. And more often I see these HR folks driving employees to attend training programs, not just for employee needs, but also their own benefit of meeting their target of number of employees trained on a particular program. Agreed they are doing their job but they forget the basics

  • Training is not about meeting numbers
  • It’s not what you show your CEO on how many employees the training team has trained.
  • It is also not about hiring a so-called management consultant who shares his PowerPoint presentation, which he made fifteen years ago on best delegation practices.

It is about employees, unless they see the value in the training program, they will not want to attend.


The Indian mindset

We Indians have grown up with such pressure from our parents to study that we now don’t want to go back. Asking some of us to get trained via training program is actually asking for trouble and resistance. We all know how Indian parents’ forces their kids to score well in their academics. And if that’s not enough, you have private tuitions and classes to take care of. Attending employee-training programs bring back all those memories. And our initial reaction is resistance.

Too much theory

I am yet to attend a training program, which has more focus on practical real time work situations than those idealistic PowerPoint slides glaring at you. Powerpoint presentation in today’s day and age is bullshit, connect with your audience via engaging videos than reading out from training books.

We not only need to revisit our training content but also the delivery of it. That is the only feasible way, which will help, organizations bring out the best from their employees. May be a new rebranding exercise for their training department.

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