Communications at workplace

Communications at workplace is important for your career growth, find out effective ways to communicate with your colleagues

Get over emails please

NO EMAILS Things have changed. But somehow few companies and employees refuse to acknowledge this change. They still use the dated email platform to talk to their employees expecting them to read their all-important organization messages. Things have changed The change can… Read More ›

Are you tactical or strategic

SHORT TERM OR LONG TERM-  As communication professionals you would be required to develop campaigns, which can potentially change the way employees think about the organization. But most of us have don’t even think about changing attitudes and behaviors via… Read More ›

Company values- what it means

VALUES Haven’t you heard your business leaders claiming to run the company operations with clearly defined corporate values? I have been in townhall meetings, leadership seminars, where often leaders use the phrase “company values drive our business growth”.  In one… Read More ›