Employee branding

Employee branding starts with giving employees the wow experience

Internal Marketing- what is it

I am often being asked by people especially young interns, on the exciting career prospects of corporate communications. And most of them have preconceived notions about communications as a profession. For example Exciting lifestyle Media interactions Public Relations (PR) Travel… Read More ›

Branding starts with you

We as communication professionals are in the business of branding- branding not just the organizations but most importantly ourselves. Whatever you say or do in your company is being closely monitored. Not trying to scare you by planting a thought… Read More ›

Brand the company departments

BRANDING COMPANY FUNCTIONS Every organization has products, which they sell to their consumers; this is what we call their revenue-generating model. Company revenue is responsible for paying our monthly salaries. Even though communication as a department may not directly contribute… Read More ›