Leadership Communications

Leadership communications is about making your company leaders more accessible and visible to your employees, find out effective ways to position your management.

No boring leadership events

It surprises me to see major Fortune companies still following the age-old style of engaging with their employees. Their employee count may have grown three fold but their communication approach is still dated especially employee communications. Leadership Events A company… Read More ›

Your Company leaders

How open is your open door policy As internal communications specialist, it’s our role to position our leaders over the horizon. Which means making our company leaders accessible and approachable to employees. Most the companies use this approach under their “Open door”… Read More ›

One man show companies

ONE MAN SHOW One fine morning, your company management team member decided to revise the leave policy for the organization. He/she goes drafts a note and send it across to you to make cosmetic changes for mass release. This message… Read More ›