Get over emails please

NO EMAILS Things have changed. But somehow few companies and employees refuse to acknowledge this change. They still use the dated email platform to talk to their employees expecting them to read their all-important organization messages. Things have changed The change can… Read More ›

Your Company leaders

How open is your open door policy As internal communications specialist, it’s our role to position our leaders over the horizon. Which means making our company leaders accessible and approachable to employees. Most the companies use this approach under their “Open door”… Read More ›

Manage employee creative ideas

MANAGE IDEAS In my last post I talked about tapping employee creativity by providing them with a forum where they can showcase their creative ideas. Those creative ideas can be and usually around increasing employee productivity, process improvement and revenue… Read More ›

Tap your employee creativity

TAP EMPLOYEE CREATIVITY A research-based statement tells us that we all are creative with our thoughts, only difference being some find a creative channel to express that creativity whereas others are not expressive enough to unleash their creative potential. If… Read More ›