Internal Marketing- what is it

I am often being asked by people especially young interns, on the exciting career prospects of corporate communications. And most of them have preconceived notions about communications as a profession. For example Exciting lifestyle Media interactions Public Relations (PR) Travel… Read More ›

Use technology to communicate

TECHNOLOGY TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Technology is a boon for all of us waiting to be leveraged. But somehow most of the communications specialists are still stuck with the traditional, not so effective communications channels to penetrate to their employee… Read More ›

Manage employee creative ideas

MANAGE IDEAS In my last post I talked about tapping employee creativity by providing them with a forum where they can showcase their creative ideas. Those creative ideas can be and usually around increasing employee productivity, process improvement and revenue… Read More ›

Tap your employee creativity

TAP EMPLOYEE CREATIVITY A research-based statement tells us that we all are creative with our thoughts, only difference being some find a creative channel to express that creativity whereas others are not expressive enough to unleash their creative potential. If… Read More ›